22 november 2014

"Knufje" - Janneke

"Knufje" Janneke

Last tuesday I spend most of the day learning a friend to make a small doll for a newborn.

I myself worked on a small head as well, which turned out to be slightly larger than the head of the "Bungels" I made before and wasn't sure what to make of it.

Knufje -Janneke

I finally desided to crochet some hair with Dolly Mo mohair in Red Auburn, for some reason I have a crush on dolls with redish hair. I also desided to make a flat body and only filled the hands and feet with wool. And there she was... little miss Janneke a small doll perfect for cuddling.

I also decided she was in need of a hat and shawl, but since I didn't want to cover her beautiful hair indefinately the hat had to be removable. And so it is and therefore not suitable for newborns, but perfect as little cuddledoll for a 3 year old I guess.

"Knufje" Janneke

I think she turned out to be totally cute. If you think so too... she's available through my Etsy-store.Pin It
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